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GREAT NEWS! – The Mass Article Control Software Package (Creator & Submitter) is outstanding value at $77.00, since it’s already been tried and proven by thousands. We’re now excited to reveal to you a secret discount page where you can go straight in and get it for only $57.00

This is a one time investment, plus, with the Mass Article Control Package, you get BOTH the intelligent article spinning software (Mass Article Creator) AND the article submission software (Mass Article Submitter). They’re a powerful combination and Read more…

Well, we were all expecting to see the price of the Mass Article Control and Mass Article Submitter software package double to $147. However we’re delighted to note that the price remains at the original low $77. The software has continued to sell like crazy since it was launched, so we’re not sure of their reasoning behind this, but it’s certainly good news for all of us.

It’s not surprising that Mass Article Control (MAC), along with Mass Article Submitter remain a top selling package. MAC software is “light years” ahead of the usual older type article spinners that you may have used before. Most of these earlier spinners produced very poor quality articles, that were virtually useless.

We’ve tried them, and were so disappointed that we threw them out and went back to writing in a totally manual fashion. This is why we were so excited to see that Mass Article Control is totally different. What a refreshing change! Try it for yourself (risk free) and you’ll have the same great experience. You’ll also get free upgrades for life. Enjoy!

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In the past, if you always wanted your articles to be noticed and get read, you’d have needed to expend hours of your time churning out good quality content. Then you’d need to re-write the whole article over and over for each site or article directory that you wanted to submit it to. 

The entire process took a massive chunk of time and, really, who wants to be shackled to their computer all day thrashing out articles?

Wouldn’t you prefer to create an article one time, and generate novel and unique ways to reuse it, without getting penalized by the search engines or rejected by directory administrators?

We need to be perfectly clear here. Mass Article Creator will not create articles from scratch for you, however it will look after the tricky job of re-writing several versions of your unique article for you. It won’t create your article from nothing though.

Mass Article Creator needs to be thought of like an article spinner on steroids. However, it can’t really be compared to an article spinner, since it’s much better. It’s more of a super article re-writer!

The HUGE difference is that it will re-write your articles with QUALITY, the way YOU want. You are at all times in complete control.

You simply provide a single article (it can be PLR or else an original) and it will generate unique versions instantly! At the push of a button Mass Article Creator will instinctively re-write your article, to create 100’s of unique variations in only minutes. 

It is imperative to point out that there is a HUGE difference between Mass Article Creator and the type of article spinning software which attempts to spin an article from keywords. 

As we’ve said before, Mass Article Creator does not create articles for you, it re-writes your articles intelligently, and will even make use of your own vocabulary to do so. This is a hugely crucial difference, for the reason that you might well read a number of poor reviews on the type of article writing software which generates a group of sentences, from typed in keywords.

They have a tendency to pump out a load of sentences which take a lot of graft to fit collectively in to a worthwhile article, and that’s if it makes sense in the first place!

Mass Article Creator will assist you to prevent the above disadvantages which will mess up your business if you let them occur.

The terrific thing about Mass Article Creator is the more you make use of it, the smarter it gets! It will produce great articles from the start and it gets even better as you use it!

In a very quick space of time you’ll be able to build up a great, lucrative list of top-notch terms and sentences for any niche and be able to pump out quality articles in fastest time!

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We’re thrilled to say that the Mass Article Control Package is still priced at the amazingly low introductory price of $77.00 but we don’t know how much longer it will be held at this level before it doubles in price. It will still represent great value at $147 but why pay that price when you can grab it now at the launch price?

This is the package that includes the Mass Article Control Software, Mass Article Submitter Software and some excellent bonuses. If you’ve been “sitting on the fence” about whether to buy this package or not, now’s the time to get it as it will definitely revolutionize your article marketing.

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I haven’t made too much note of the fact that the powerful software “Mass Article Submitter” is also included in the total package on offer. This software is very simple to use and extremely effective in getting your articles posted. Here’s a great video which demonstrates it’s ease of use. Check out the full software package by clicking on the link below the video. Enjoy!


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