Let’s face facts. You know it and I know it – article marketing can be a real pain at the best of times. Generally, I don’t care too much for writing articles and I don’t know many marketers who really do either.

It’s highly likely you’d agree that article writing and then submitting them (manually) is about as much fun as having a tooth filled without an anaesthetic!

After I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing an article, I don’t feel like then going to lots of article directories on the net and submitting them laboriously slowing by hand.

We all know that, if you want to get free traffic, improve your search engine ranking, and build your business, you need to be doing article marketing. Article writing can be agony doing it all by hand, but all the hard work pays off in the end!

Now you don’t have to do it the hard way any more!

So, I knew that I needed to do article marketing but I also knew I didn’t want to do it all myself. Some people go down the path of paying a writer and/or then pay someone to submit articles for them, but I knew that wasn’t an option for me.

So you can imaging how excited I was when Bobby Walker & Adeel Chowdhry came up with their brand new software. With the push of a button it really creates multiple “high quality” unique articles and then with the extra software provided, in seconds it automatically submits your article to the best article directories!

Now you are able, with mass article creator, to write a single article, then re-word areas of it to read differently, yet have the same meaning. This means that rather than spending all your time rewriting, you can use this “smart” software to remember words you’ve used before, and in that particular niche you’re working in. This literally saves hours of time.

– No more paying ridiculous amounts to article writers!
– No more wasted time!
– Rapidly have fresh content for your sites and blogs!
– You won’t have to worry about being penalized from Google’s duplicate content rule again!
– Generate heaps of articles on demand!
– You could even start your own article writing service as this software is so quick! 😉

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