Well, we were all expecting to see the price of the Mass Article Control and Mass Article Submitter software package double to $147. However we’re delighted to note that the price remains at the original low $77. The software has continued to sell like crazy since it was launched, so we’re not sure of their reasoning behind this, but it’s certainly good news for all of us.

It’s not surprising that Mass Article Control (MAC), along with Mass Article Submitter remain a top selling package. MAC software is “light years” ahead of the usual older type article spinners that you may have used before. Most of these earlier spinners produced very poor quality articles, that were virtually useless.

We’ve tried them, and were so disappointed that we threw them out and went back to writing in a totally manual fashion. This is why we were so excited to see that Mass Article Control is totally different. What a refreshing change! Try it for yourself (risk free) and you’ll have the same great experience. You’ll also get free upgrades for life. Enjoy!

Here’s the link to the main site…